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Spring festival “Sakura Festa ~Kannon Village~” pamphlet design

[Request details]

I would like you to create a pamphlet that includes a map, exhibitors, and time schedule for Kannon village events that will be held during Sakura Festa.

[Proposal details/production secrets]

The number of exhibiting stores is increasing year by year, and this year we have made it easy to find out what kind of stores are exhibiting by making the map a full-page spread and displaying a list of exhibiting stores color-coded by genre on the inside page. . By scattering illustrations of people on the cover and inside, we have created a colorful event that will attract a large number of people.

Size: B4 / cross fold (B6 finish)

Paper: double-sided full color/matte coat 110k

Client name: Miyakonojo City Sakura Festa Takajo Executive Committee


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